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Best Baby Monitors: Which One Do You Need?

If the stress of your baby waking up every night in their nursery keeps you awake at night, too, it’s time to install a baby monitor. It’s an awesome device that will help you keep an ear and an eye on your little angel. There are three types of best baby monitors available that will help give you a signal that your baby is up. These monitors are perfect for parents who want their baby to adjust to their nursery from the very beginning. Not to mention, it’s a great step towards preparing your baby for sleeping alone in his or her own room.

You can choose between audio, video, and audio, and WIFI compatible baby monitors. You obviously want to choose the best one that suits your babies’ behaviors, but sometimes it can get confusing to choose one. To clear off that confusion and make your decision much easier, mentioned below are all three types of baby monitors, along with their pros and cons.

1.     Audio Baby Monitors

One of the most classic and first-ever baby monitors to ever exist the audio baby monitor. This type of monitor only allows you to hear your baby’s movements while they’re away from you. Audio monitors come with a pickup base that you place in your baby’s nursery or wherever your baby rests and a receiver, which you will keep with you. You have to make sure you’re in range of the pickup base so you can easily hear your baby’s movements and sounds.

Audio baby monitors now come with many more advanced features than before. One of the coolest features is the two-way audio, which allows you to communicate with your child through the receivers. This feature might not come in handy if you have a newborn baby, but other features, such as the lullaby mode, are good components. This feature allows you to sing a lullaby to your baby from the comfort of your room without having to go to them.

You may want to go for an audio baby monitor as it’s easy to use and is very budget-friendly. Most audio monitors help you hear clearly without any static disturbance. These baby monitors only come in handy during the night and don’t allow you to keep an eye on your baby or their movements. If your baby is capable of getting out of the nursery or if you want to keep a constant eye on them, audio monitors might not be the right choice for you.

Suppose you feel this type is the best baby monitor for your newborn angel. In that case, some of the audio baby monitors you can buy are the Angelcare AC420 Baby Audio Monitor, Philips Avent SECT Baby Monitor, and the Vetch DM221 Audio Baby Monitor. You can check out all of these on Amazon.

2.     Video and Audio Baby Monitors

Video and audio baby monitors are the more worthy option and popular in use compared to audio baby monitors. This monitor has a built-in speaker and audio, along with a video correspondence feature. You can hear and watch your baby at the same time on a colorful display screen. Some video and audio baby monitors require you to install the app on your phone, so you can watch and hear your baby while you’re away from home.

These are some amazing features included in most of the baby monitors, such as video and photo storage, digital zoom option, and night vision. Such monitors are the perfect stress relief device as you can watch your baby from your room without having to go check on them a million times and disturb your sleep pattern. These monitors are also more advanced compared to single audio baby monitors and have many features to offer.

You can also keep an eye on your baby while you’re out and not miss out on their small memorable baby movements, as most of these baby monitors are mobile-friendly. If your baby is more of a crier, you may find this monitor pointless as it’s a bit pricier, and plus, you only need the voice feature to work. Sometimes, you may also face signal interference. The best audio and video baby monitors to check out on Amazon is The Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor and the Vetch 5″ Baby Monitor.

3.     WI-FI Compatible Baby Monitors best baby monitors

Of course, brands are coming up with WI-FI compatible baby monitors, because why wouldn’t they? WI-FI compatibility makes things so much easier. These monitors work through your internet connection at home, and you can control them using your electronic device. Most of these WI-FI compatible baby monitors have video and audio features, some come without the receivers, and some come with them. You can see and hear your baby anytime and from anywhere. Even if you’re outside running chores, you can still keep an eye on your baby using your Smartphone.

These monitors also come with the idea of storing all video footage of your baby on the mobile phone. This helps store all the memories that you may have missed out on while you were out of sight from your baby. The biggest con of WI-FI compatible baby monitors is that you will face many connection issues if your WI-FI isn’t fast enough. Make sure you have a proper high-speed working WI-FI connection before you purchase this monitor. Some of the best baby monitors you can choose from this category are the Nooied Full-HD 1080p Baby Monitor, iBaby Two Way Talk, and Victure Full-HD 10800 Baby Monitor, all available on Amazon.

The Bottom-Line

Baby Monitors are as important as investing in diapers, and surely these devices will help you a lot with you and your baby’s sleep patterns. You don’t only get to monitor their cries, but you can catch up on the moments you missed of theirs, depending on what type of baby monitor you go for. Every baby is different, so make sure you consider your baby’s habits and nature before choosing the best baby monitor for your home.

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