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14 Ways Your Life Changes With a Baby

14 Ways Your Life Changes With a Baby: A long road ahead..

Babies are one of the greatest blessings; they bring joy, happiness, responsibilities, and many changes in your life when you become a parent. Interestingly, you wholeheartedly accept the change and adapt to the new lifestyle. For many people, there’s a complete 360-degree turn life change with a baby. It can get a bit overwhelming, not knowing what to expect, especially if it’s the first time you have a child.

The thing is you’ll never know how your life will change until the very first day your baby arrives. It’s good to keep yourself prepared and get a glimpse of what your life may look like after the addition of a newborn. Mentioned below are 14 ways your life will change with a baby:

1. Time is Everything!

Once you become a parent, you will realize the value of time more, as you will barely have any time to laze around or binge-watch a complete Netflix series. Most of your time will be spent in changing diapers and feeding the baby. As a parent, especially a mother, you would wish there were more hours in a day than 24.

2. You Will Find Excitement in Other Things

A new movie release or reunion, or hanging out with friends won’t excite you anymore the way it used to. Instead, you will look forward to the moves your baby makes, for instance, their first steps or adorable giggle. Spending time with your baby will become your new favourite activity and something that you will look forward to every day.

3. No More Designer Bags

When it comes to leaving the house with your baby, you won’t have the chance to think about what type of bag you should match with your outfit. Instead, you will think about all the things your baby needs. This calls for carrying a huge baby bag filled more with diapers, toys, and baby food, and less with lipsticks or a vanity mirror.

4. Sleep Is For the Week

Getting sleep for even an hour will be your biggest achievement with a baby in your life. You won’t even realize that you’ve barely slept as you will be spending the night cuddling your baby to sleep.

5. Baby Conversations

When meeting people, especially as parents, you won’t anymore be having conversations about the new trends in technology or fashion. Your interests and preferences will change, and you’ll be discussing your baby’s cute antics with your friends or sharing tips with each other on how to put your baby to sleep or make him/her stop crying.

6. Constant Mood Swings

As a mother, you will be carrying the baggage of mood swings. You will find yourself crying or complaining most of the time or suddenly laughing for no reason. You may also have more arguments with your husband, and it may get very frustrating at times. But this is very common, and your crazy hormones and poor sleep cycle are to take full blame for that.

7. Discover Your Selfless Side

Being selfless is the first thing you will notice about yourself when your baby comes into your life. You won’t care about how long they keep you up or if they vomit on your brand new outfit. You will be willing to give yourself completely to your baby and put aside all your needs and happiness only to fulfil there’s.

8. Embracing the Body Changes

After giving birth, you will feel completely out of shape and might even go into depression due to the way you look. You will see more stretch marks and swollen feet. This might bring you down as it is one of the most significant life change with baby, but you would still give most of your time to your baby. Don’t worry as there are many ways you can get back in shape, which involves working on your lifestyle.

9. Baby TV is the New HBO

Your phone and TV will have more of Peppa pig or nursery rhymes and less of Billie Eilish or Netflix shows. You might even start to learn new nursery rhymes and dream about them in your sleep because babies love music and enjoy melodic rhymes. In fact, toddlers can watch their favourite cartoon for hours.

10. New Future Plans

Instead of making vacation plans, you will be more worried about planning a safe future for your baby. This includes saving up money to get them in the best school and college and giving them the best of everything and a happy and financially secure life. Your future will be your baby now.

11. Untidy House: The New Normal

If you have OCD, you will soon have to accept to leave things the way they are. A baby in the house, especially when he/she starts walking, means nothing will be at its place. You will find toys lying around here and there, and nothing will be out of the baby’s reach. Wait till your baby starts scribbling over newly painted walls and sneaking around forbidden corners. You will find yourself cleaning the house every hour or so, only to find the toys scattered on the floor again.

12. Less Mall Time More Park Time

Your outing routine will change – you will visit the parks and zoos more as children love animals and theme parks. So prepare yourself to say Adios to your favourite bar and shopping malls for some time.

13. Daily Planning

You will find yourself pre-planning everything to save time. Planning your day will involve waking up early in the morning and getting small tasks done before your baby wakes up. This might include house chores and cooking so that you can give your whole time to your baby once they’re up.

14. Longer Tasks

It may take you longer to get ready along with the baby compared to when you just had to put on your best outfit and leave without any care in the world.

The Takeaway

These are some of the common life changes with a baby that every parent is most likely to go through, but this doesn’t mean you should be scared. Within no time, your baby will grow up, and you will start to miss the changes they brought in your life. Make sure to make the most out of parenthood because it’s one of the most beautiful phases you experience in life.



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